Awaiting Prima Serata: Sosa on today’s Inter

– We’re just minutes away from another edition of Prima
, the Inter Channel programme hosted by Edoardo Caldara. Ruben Sosa was in the studio today and the ex-forward – the divine left-footer from
Montevideo ("left-footed players have a magical touch…") –
shared stories, memories and curiosities, but also spoke about the

beat Udinese, and I say ‘we’ because I’m an Inter fan – even in
when I’m Uruguay I watch all the games. Now you can with them live, unlike in
my day when the videos would arrive two weeks later… We beat Udinese and now we must aim for third place, we must believe we can do
it. I was really impressed by the Inter I saw in Udine: a team
that went looking for goals and played good football."

He’s a good lad and I can see the Interista in him; by that I mean
that coming from the Primavera he already has the right sense of
belonging. He’s smart on the pitch and in his interviews. Now we have
to move forward with him and give him a hand because he’s convinced about what he does. I watched a couple of his training sessions: they were excellent, intense,

"Forlan? I’ve spoken to him recently. I think
that he’s had two main problems during his first season here. One is his
position. For the national side he’s always played off of a striker,
whereas here he’s changed positions lots of times and also the type of
football, because Italy is different to Spain. The other problem is that he
didn’t settle into the side immediately: he had a few physical
problems and didn’t get much continuity. But he’s a champion, an
intelligent lad, and he’ll be able to show the Nerazzurri fans how
good he is. Diego has always scored goals and lots of them. And
scoring goals is not a habit you lose."

"Alvarez? I like him and he scored a great goal
against Udinese. What I’d say to him is ‘let yourself go’. I
think he still looks a bit – what’s the word? – as if he’s
holding back. But he has class, quality, and a marvellous left foot.
If you play for Inter you must have self-confidence, you
can’t hold back, you have to do what you’re capable of without restraint."

Finally, some advice on signings. "Inter have
fantastic strikers and the club have their plans, it’s obviously not
my place to tell the president who to buy… But, even though he’s
Uruguayan like me, but that could just be a coincidence, I’d say Suarez, the Liverpool striker. Luis is
such a good player and I think he’ll move on now. If it’s not to Inter,
it will be to Real or Barcelona. He is absolutely top class."

Now tune into channel 232 on Sky Italia for Prima
Serata with Ruben Sosa and Edoardo Caldara.

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