Awaiting Prima Serata: Sosa and the fans

APPIANO GENTILE – It’s nice to feel the fans’ affection for me. It’s true, when I was a player I would always go to get-togethers with the fans and I went to all the Inter Clubs when they organised a dinner or a meeting: the fans gave me the energy to go out on the pitch and play for them. A footballer must be able to leave his mark and not only on the pitch. I often used to meet the fans with my wife and daughters, it was a nice family atmosphere. And today I think I’m reaping what I sowed."

With an open heart, as always, Sosa reminisced on Inter Channel during
"Prima Serata" with Edoardo Caldara. He has been out of the game for quite some
time now, but there have been many messages written to Ruben that the director
of the Nerazzurri show read to him. Someone who saw their first Inter match at
the age of 5 with him on the pitch. Someone else who would like to hear that
chant again at the San Siro… "There’s not enough money in the world that
could repay the fans for that chant… Now I can manage to enjoy all the things
I did on that pitch a lot more. Inter gave me so much and I’d like to pay them
back. We’re working on a project. In Uruguay I’m part of the coaching staff at
Nacional. I also train the forwards because I know a few things… And then I
have a football school, street football, as we call it. To the children and
youngsters I always say: ‘Don’t watch the videos of the goals that I scored.
Watch the celebrations of the fans in the stands after the goals. That is the
meaning of football.’ And to the best ones I say: ‘If you become a champion, go
to Inter, the most beautiful team in the world.’"

Between memories and current events, tonight on Inter Channel: starting at

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