Awaiting "Prima Serata": Obi’s derby desire

APPIANO GENTILE – Joel Obi has the leading role on "Prima Serata" on Inter
Channel, hosted by Roberto Monzani and airing today at 21:00. It’s an
appointment that can’t be missed, but here on you can also read all
about it.

There were many topics covered in the interview, obviously beginning with the
aftermath of Parma v Inter and then moving on to Sunday evening’s derby. Obi
did not hold back when describing his feelings and those of his team-mates:
"There’s a deep sense of regret for yesterday’s loss. Unfortunately it
went badly and we’re all very disappointed. We pulled ahead and had the
possibility to take control of the game, but too many
things went against us in the second half. We were also unlucky. When they scored it was as if
we weren’t prepared for it mentally. When we found ourselves down we left ourselves exposed trying to get back into it, then we fell further into their trap. We felt
badly about it and we didn’t expect a defeat."

But now all his focus, thoughts and concentration are obviously directed
elsewhere, "because now there’s the derby, which is extremely important
and also a game in itself, and we’ll give our all to at least make the fans
satisfied. Yesterday’s result makes no difference to the derby, and we’ll try to take the points home."

Obi can recall a very special derby from his Primavera days, the one from the
2009/10 season, when the midfielder KO’d his opponents with a powerful left on
the turn. Obi’s eyes light up when thinking about it and he clearly
dreams of doing something similar with the first team – perhaps even in Sunday’s
derby: "I hope so… [smiling]. The year of that Primavera derby was an
important one for me. A lovely year with other guys that I still keep up with,
like Destro, Santon and Caldirola."

Meanwhile, Obi notched a goal with the first team against Cesena last Sunday;
his first in the Serie A: "A goal yes, but one that’s jointly owned…
half and half [smiling]. But I was very happy just the same. However, at first
I didn’t even realise I’d scored, and I also thought that it wasn’t the
time for celebrating but for thinking of how to win." Winning. Something that Obi and his team-mates intend to do on Sunday against AC Milan.
"The anticipation for this derby is now greater than ever."

This edition of "Prima Serata" will air at 21:00, but you can find
the next preview at 19:00 here on

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