Awaiting Prima Serata, Obi: "Inter and me"

determined to keep getting better, showing what he can do, and he feels more Nerazzurri than ever. Joel Obi spoke about his relationship with Inter, a club that makes him feel like one of the family, during an interview with Roberto Monzani for Prima

"I still have a long way to go to prove myself
but I’m steadily growing in confidence. My team-mates are helping me
to become a better player and I’m determined to keep doing that. I’m happy here,
serene. The club gives me peace of mind. Also about my future? Yes,
also about my future. I’m lucky and I made the right choice to stay here,
knuckle down and wait for my chance to come. I always hoped it would and
now that it has I have no intention of wasting it. I’m totally focused on my
work and thanks to the
club I can go about it in a relaxed way. I’m pleased with the improvement I’ve made this season, although I’d obviously have been happier if we’d had different results."

That peace of mind helps him not to get
distracted by the transfer rumours: "They don’t bother me. As I
said, I’m happy here. The papers say I might move to Napoli? It’s
not the first time I’ve been linked to another club but as long as
it’s only the papers saying it… [he smiles]. It’s the club that
decides these things and the club that should talk about them, not the papers. And nothing has ever
been mentioned to me; it’s just media speculation and
I’m not at all worried by it."

The thought of Napoli also brings back bad memories –
his sending off at the San Siro last October: "That was hard,
really hard. I’m not used to getting red cards and I got very upset
by it. I wouldn’t have been so sad if we’d won, but seeing how it
ended… I kept apologising to the coach and my team-mates. It really
bothered me. Still, I learnt my lesson. Now I try to remain as calm
as possible on the pitch."

Obi is slowly gaining experience and doing his bit
for the team, whatever that involves. But what is his favourite position in midfield? That was one
of the questions put to him by the fans: "I like playing on the
outside of a three-man midfield or in the middle of a 4-4-2 but I can
adapt wherever. Whatever position I’m in I try to do my best." He
grinned, then added: "I’d even be prepared to go between the sticks
if it means I get to play! Did you know that during my second season at
Inter, with Destro, I played as the second striker?" Another
little-known nugget for fans, thanks to Inter Channel’s Prima Serata.

To find out more, tune in to Sky Italia channel 232
at 21:00, or check back on at the same time for the final
extract from Obi’s interview.

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