Awaiting Prima Serata: Cordoba and the future

APPIANO GENTILE – It’s an appointment that cannot be missed tonight on Inter
Channel when Ivan Ramiro Cordoba visits with director Edoardo Caldara on Prima
at 21:00.

"The support is always much appreciated… My heart almost broke in two
from the sheer emotion at the San Siro the other night," recalled the
defender as he reviewed the images of the celebrations before and after the derby.
"I also kept the match ball with all the signatures of my team-mates. At
any rate, I repeat, I’m the one who has to thank everyone, because these years
have been fantastic, difficult and lovely. It was all part of a beautiful

From the emotions he experienced on the pitch to his own personal views about
football: "Guarin and Juan are not only the future, but also the present
of Inter. They have personality and a future, as well as charisma and a desire
to take on responsibility and do their part."

And speaking of the present and future of Inter, his thoughts on Andrea
Stramaccioni: "He’s someone who is very precise, even in the instructions
he gives us. He has good sense, instincts and has us understand things as we go
along. These qualities have been very important in this brief period so far.
Before the derby he had told me that he might need me during the game, and in
doing so he showed me he had a lot of faith in me."

From Inter’s future to Cordoba’s future; it’s possible that the two will remain
intertwined. "If my advice can help Inter’s future defenders then I’ll be
glad to pitch in. I know what I’m going to do, but it’s right for me to wait a
few days before talking about it," stated the Colombian defender.

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