Inter Campus: win your hero's shirt

MILAN – Last chance to win shirts signed by Esteban Cambiasso, Samir Handanovic, Diego Milito, Antonio Cassano, Javier Zanetti and, for Inter v Genoa, Rodrigo Palacio.

Before tomorrow’s match at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, you can buy tickets for the ‘VINCI LA MAGLIA DEL TUO CAMPIONE’ (WIN YOUR HERO’S SHIRT) prize draw, run by UNICEF. You can purchase raffle tickets at the gates from 10:30 onwards.

VINCI LA MAGLIA DEL TUO CAMPIONE is organised by UNICEF, in partnership with Inter Campus, in Milan and the surrounding area. The total proceeds will go towards helping homeless children in Bolivia.

Tickets will also be on sale until 31 December at Solo Inter (via Berchet 1, Milan; Fiordaliso shopping centre, Rozzano) and at the San Siro Store.

Check out the terms and conditions here at:

Serie A, Inter v Genoa: stadium opening times

MILAN – FC Internazionale would like to announce that the gates to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza will open to the public from 10:30 on Saturday 22 December, before the 2012/13 Serie A Week 18 fixture between Inter and Genoa (kick-off 12:30).

All ticket offices open at 10:00:

SOUTH: 6 windows open for ticket changes; 9 for ticket sales and ticket transfers.
NORTH: 15 windows open exclusively for ticket sales and ticket transfers.
Accreditations and one window for the collection of Sky tickets open from 10:00.

Press accreditation (previously sent to the Press Office) from 10:30 at gate 8.

Prima Serata, Cambiasso: "This is Inter's rebirth"

– If the world were to end tomorrow, Esteban Cambiasso
would be the most successful Argentine player of all time. “It’s
not exactly an achievement that would make up for the fact that I’d
be dead, but it’s a nice record nonetheless. I’m sure Lionel
[Messi] will beat them all but being overtaken by someone like
him would only be another reason to be proud.”

grinned as he spoke about 21 December 2012 on Inter Channel’s Prima
programme, on air at the moment on Sky Italia channel 232.

conversation turned to the more distant future, when Cambiasso might
start a coaching career: “I don’t know about that, I’m not even sure what
skills you need because when you think about the
job you think of someone with tactical nous, but actually the
coach is someone who needs to manage a group of 25 individuals and I
don’t take that aspect lightly. When you’re a coach you have to deal
with different personalities every day.”

The midfielder answered a question about his own fitness following the Lazio game: “I’m edging my way back, working with the medical staff to get back in shape.”

On his fellow countryman Ricky Alvarez: “I’m sure he’s got what it takes to become
a great player but I think he and some of the other lads joined Inter in a
season – last season – that was tough for everyone. It was tough for those of us who had been here for years so we weren’t even able to help them out at a difficult time. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it easy for them to settle in. Then Ricky started this year
with a knee operation. But I’m not worried if he messes up a pass or a dribble; I’d
be surprised if he didn’t try it because he’s the sort of player who
wants to be on the ball all the time and I think players like that deserve credit.”

back to his time at Real Madrid, a club that didn’t realise the full
potential of a player like Esteban Cambiasso, he added: “I can only
be thankful given the way things went. It meant I took the
best decision of my life, football-wise. I’m not the sort of guy who nurtures resentment. I believe in destiny: they didn’t want me
that much, Inter came in and wanted me immediately. Fortunately our
paths met and now we’re here.”

about pre-match rituals? That little jump of his before entering the pitch? “Actually it’s three but let’s not go into it.” Ok, so let’s talk about
one of the hot topics of the moment instead: the possibility of
another centre forward joining Inter as back-up for Milito. “I
could say there’s no such thing because there’s no one else
like Diego. We could say we need another striker but a real back-up
for Milito is impossible.” Impossible – like doing the Treble again? “Saying
you want to do it is easy, lots of people have done that, actually doing
it much less so.”

images of Cambiasso’s goal in the 2-1 Champions League win over
Chelsea (on 24 February 2010) are shown on the screen, the conversation
moved onto how important scoring is to him: “It’s the highlight of every match, something everyone dreams of. Who doesn’t like scoring? It’s one
thing when you think about nothing else, but everyone loves to hit
the back of the net – I enjoy it just as all my team-mates do. You don’t see it on TV
because the cameras stay on the goalscorer but I celebrate even when
my team-mates score. Is there such a thing as a Cambiasso goal? Yes and it’s not as good as that one [indicating his strike against
Chelsea]. There probably is such a thing, maybe a rebound or
something like that. But you guys can keep showing that goal against
Chelsea as it’s my best… [smiling]”

Cambiasso looked ahead to the Nerazzurri’s next opponents at the
Meazza, in their last game of 2012: “Do I think Genoa will come here to play
for a draw? The approach other teams take never bothers me. If you can’t win, it’s your problem. We can’t blame anyone else if we don’t
win. Inter must be good enough to win
games. Last year we said we couldn’t have another bad season and
so far this term the results prove that this team – and when I say team I
mean everyone, not just the 25 players – know exactly what they are doing. I think we’re experiencing a rebirth.”

Argentine concluded with some festive wishes for the Nerazzurri fans: “Merry Christmas to all Interisti. I’m sure you’ll get lots of
presents… and I hope we can give you a few.”

Mudingayi: "I'll be back after the break"

APPIANO GENTILE – While recovering from his injury, Gaby Mudingayi spoke to
Inter Channel on his status and that of the team: “I’m better, much
better. I’ve been working out on the pitch for two weeks and it’s better to
wait until after the holiday break to return. That way I can have more time to
recover, which is the right thing, and as soon as I return I’ll be at 100%. Is
it difficult to sit out? Yes, I’ve had bad luck because I’m not one to get
injured often. I came here with a lot of desire, perhaps even too much, and I
was a bit unlucky and got injured. But it’s difficult to watch your team-mates
and not be able to help them. I think this is the most difficult thing for a

When asked about how Inter have looked lately he replied: “It’s the Inter
I expected to see, and one that has gone out on the pitch doing what the coach
asks for. One that always wants to win, since we’ve won so many matches. And
then clearly during the season there are difficult moments and games in which
you aren’t at 100%. So sometimes a loss can come. However, it’s an Inter that’s
always ready to give their all and win. How much have my team-mates helped me?
Along with the coach they’ve been supportive, telling me I’ll be back soon.
When your team-mates always ask about you it’s something positive that
really motivates you.”

Finally, on the Europa League draw that saw Inter get matched against CFR Cluj,
he stated: “We’re Inter and we have to be concerned about ourselves on the
pitch. Sure, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what the others are up
to, but what matters is stepping on the pitch prepared and trying to win. What
do I hope for in 2013? That the team continues to play like they’re playing
now, and if we were to do even better then that would be good. I hope to be
able to lend a hand as I’ve always wanted to, because since I’ve been here my
biggest desire is to be on the pitch with my team-mates and give my all when
the coach gives me the opportunity.”

Awaiting Prima Serata: Cambiasso, the beginning

APPIANO GENTILE – Inter Channel’s Christmas gift to all the Nerazzurri fans is a long chat with Esteban Cambiasso, a guest at 21:00 on “Prima Serata”, to be broadcast on
channel 232.

“I don’t consider myself as such; maybe our Inter Channel friends would like something
more…” replied Cuchu, smiling at the idea of being considered
a gift, before answering questions posed to him by Roberto Scarpini. The first concerned the current moment and the path that the team has taken in the first few
months of the season.

“I’m not surprised to see Inter in second place. It certainly
makes me feel relaxed. I expected
such a situation because we were confident about what was taking
shape. You never know how things
can go, but it’s a situation that, without examining our path – for example, the victory against Juventus – has perhaps deceived
at times, but the reality is that we’re fighting in all three competitions
and have to win on Saturday in
order to have a relaxing Christmas.”

The discussion then went back in time, to
when someone spoke to Cuchu about
interest from Inter after he had
left Real Madrid: “I thought it was one of the most fascinating challenges that a footballer can have. Arriving at a team that
hadn’t been winning and trying to make it happen was very motivating.
Everything was new my first time at the Pinetina, and I
tried most of all to learn everything quickly.
Acclimatisation is one of the first things for a new
player and I tried to jump right
in so I could be prepared. I had been to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza with Real Madrid,
playing against AC Milan, but playing there with the fans behind you is definitely different.”

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