EXCLUSIVE – Agent Toivomaki: “Trust in the nose of Mourinho”

His name is Henri Toivomaki, was born in Finland in Mäntsälä February 21, 1991, and plays as a central defender with FC Lahti. Versatile defender, has played well as low side is left or right, Toivomaki is one of the best talents of Scandinavian football. Inter, which in recent years has led the process of scouting at lofty levels, has long been on the player enough to invite him to take an audition in recent days. FcInterNews.it contacted the agent of the young defender, Roberto De Fanti, to understand what is the state of the art.
De Fanti, we confirmed that the company is following Nerazzurri time his client?
“The boy had been in Milan already three or four years ago and even if there has been – because of his young age – Inter have kept him under constant observation.”
Who has vision?
“Pierluigi Casiraghi (Head of Research of the youth sector, ndr) went to Finland last summer and got to know and appreciate.”
What are the strengths of Toivomaki?
“It plays in central defense but can play any defensive role. Last year he played 14 games, while this season he has collected 24 coins that are not just for a boy in ’91. ”
In these days, is under the watchful eye of Piero Ausilio, head of youth Nerazzurri.
“Yes, that’s it: he arrived Monday and Friday will be back in Finland.”
Knows what the first impressions?
“No, I’m doing so that the boy was training with regularity and tranquility.”
“We will wait calmly the outcome of the test: Inter have priority, because at youth level is at the top, and visibility is at the highest levels.”
In addition we can say that Mourinho, in its young, is a guarantee.
“He says well, we are counting on this. The Portuguese coach is one of the few coaches know how to deal with the very young and has no fear or hesitation in the fray. ”
The successful conclusion of this deal is entirely up to Inter?
“Again, we expect a response because the player can be taken either on loan, with a right of redemption, that with an outright purchase.”
You can establish an evaluation?
“I think it’s premature.
If the audition with Inter does not have a positive outcome?
“We will try other solutions: there is more than a few European clubs interested in Henri.

The new name is Ramires

So many names made in the press for the midfielder, even more assumptions on their feet for a department after the departure of Vieira and the many defections in recent days, there is growing in an emergency. As learned exclusively from TMW, the latest idea for the club Inter Portuguese Parliament, and would have the appearance of the Brazilian power to Benfica Ramires (23), a holder of Seleçao Carlos Dunga. The mission is not the easiest, but the national verdict represents not only a useful stop-gap immediately, but rather a true reinforcement in the future.

Marco Branca on the market: “We assess the injured, then we will decide”

Inter leads the standings with 8 points ahead of Milan. But Marco Branca, director of the Inter coach, limits any early enthusiasm for him, explaining that the games are far from being defined closed. “There are still many matches – said on the sidelines of a meeting organized by players, coaches and referees at the end of the First Half – and many teams are going up. There is a return to Rome, the confirmation of Naples …” . Another issue is particularly hot market, with Inter Milan next, according to rumors, to get their hands on Kolarov and Ledesma. Even here, however, Branca throws water on the fire: “At the moment exclude the existence of negotiations. Tomorrow there will be a resumption of training and we will assess the extent of injured. Then we will decide.”

The DT Inter also has a suggestion to combat racism in stadiums, suggesting a greater involvement of the directors of the race. According to Branca, “the referee must do what the regulation allows it. But even a simple gesture like a pat on the shoulder to the subject of racist taunts player may be important.”

Stankovic revealed: “Soon Kolarov will be with us, it is increasingly likely”

At the Serbian daily Blic, the Inter midfielder Dejan Stankovic has released an incredible, sensational revelation of market share for his great friend, the Lazio defender Alexander Kolarov: “Everyone is talking about his impending engagement. If the company insists, Kolarov will be with us before they close the market in January. When Inter wants someone takes it, and now that Chivu got hurt seriously have a problem on the left wing so the arrival of Kolarov is increasingly likely . Noisy words that seem the prelude to a great shot …

A sample winning unlucky Vieira salutes Inter and Italian football

Ladies and gentlemen, hats off. Patrick Vieira is officially a player of Manchester City, and thus closes virtually forever, given the age of the player, the adventure of the French midfielder to Inter and in general in our football, who welcomed him with open arms since 1995 . At that time it was AC Milan to take him to Italy from Cannes, in December of fourteen years ago, but the Rossoneri of French adventure was low profile but successful: he was among the reserves, there are only two appearances in half a season, but the Scudetto conquered most of his comrades that he will still be important in its honors. After the long parenthesis Arsenal, started in September 1996 from an idea by Arsene Wenger and ended in 2005 with 279 appearances, 29 goals, three Premier, 4 Community Shield, 4 FA Cups, Patrick lands in another large of our football, Juventus. Here Vieira totaled 31 appearances, scoring 5 goals and winning the Scudetto that it will be waived for the scandal in Italian football.

With Juve in Serie B for shipped sporting fraud, the French decided to remain in Italy and Inter Milan in August 2006, the picks from Juventus for 9.5 million dealing a great blow, and it soon becomes clear. His debut with the new mesh is August 26, 2006 in the Italian Super Cup final between Inter and Roma: Vieira played a game at the highest level and score two goals that allow Inter to win the trophy. At high levels it will be all his experience in Inter, especially at the beginning: the first two seasons, winning the Scudetto (2006/2007 and 2007/2008), Patrick totaled 51 appearances and 7 goals, then the physical torment and woe the next season 2008/2009, where he also takes home the tricolor, the more this first half of 2009/2010, is situated only 15 times. Decisive was the injury he suffered in a friendly match with France in November 2008, which kept him out 2 months and that made him lose continuity.

Had it not been for the physical shortcomings, Vieira could be, admittedly one of the best midfielders in the history of Inter, and when playing in a game in its heyday has proven to be a true champion. Now, in this January 2010, Patrick flies to Manchester City for a place in the next World Cup and then play more. In his suitcase for England, Vieira will take away those three championships and two Italian Super Cups won in the Nerazzurri, who saw the protagonist and that will leave him forever a beautiful memory in the fans. A sample extraordinary and impressive class of outstanding quality, which has proved to be a professional model at its last race in Inter-against Chievo, when it was ready to go to the court of La Mancha, Patrick does not pull back the leg never was better on the field. An exceptional player, a wonderful person who deserves the World: good luck Vieira, Italy and Inter will remember forever!