The posting of Bari, a key step before the derby

Growing waiting pre derby, a little over a week ago, Mourinho has a population of injured and stranded in view of the Milan derby, while Leonardo can not help but redarre tables comeback. And ‘well-known that for nearly a month, the Inter midfield lives an emergency situation, a situation that has lasted four games and despite that the Nerazzurri have lost 2 points in Bergamo against Lazio, Chievo and Siena perfect score, despite that led to defections important to a game not quite optimal.

So Bari becomes crucial crossroads before the race on January 24, taking into account the fact that the Rossoneri have to pick the game against Fiorentina and then have a potential minus 5 in the rankings. If the trip through unscathed, Puglia, Inter will prepare a more peaceful and even the super challenge to settle for the draw, forcing Milan to try to make full points in Florence. Bari, therefore, has become the central hub of the season for Inter and the fate of the League, a tough trip, the last without Cambiasso and Stankovic, a test which, if exceeded, even without the highest marks, will send a strong signal to the hopes Inter scudetto is that of red and black.

Beautiful gesture former Inter fan …

San Siro that he has already lived, he preferred to live, even just for 90 ‘, to his younger comrades. We’re talking about Nicola Ventola, a former striker today at Novara, which at today’s game against AC Milan’s San Siro, in the end lost 2-1, he told his coach to let him play Tesser younger companions, who never before have experienced the thrill of playing at the ‘Scala del Calcio’, instead of making him play despite being among the stars of training Piedmont. “Mister, if I believe they play a few mate, step on the way to San Siro is an emotion that I’ve tried and I want to be left to others”: these were the words of a great man, as well as the better player.

Gillet: “We will give something extra against Inter”

Saturday at the San Nicola di Bari reach the Inter goalkeeper and Galletti, Jean-Francois Gillet, spoke about the match that will “try to make a game and we know that each of us is asked to give a little more. I remember the great personality that we showed at the San Siro and a pair of scoring in the final. We left happy to have played well and started on the right foot the championship. ”

The Bari is present in this delicate challenge a week later to say the least unfortunate for the team of Mr. Ventura: “It was not easy for a week with the injury to Bari Frog, the disqualification of Almiron, the defeat of Florence. Go say a word more to our friend the frog. And ‘a pillar of our defense and will be thinking of absence. With Bonucci and me we like to call the triangle of the’ Bermuda ‘. Our thoughts are with him. On the disqualification of Almiron these things happen in football. It was certainly a moment of great form for him and then for the whole team. Against Inter we can not rest easy. We must stay focused, do what until now we did against all teams. Only in this way can aspire to something good. ”

Then a joke about Mario Balotelli and its well-known problem with many supporters of our football. Gillet is sure that the public Bari will, as often happens, the positive and status: “Our supporters will behave as they did semrpe with great accuracy. We are a nation of racists. In fact I think that Italy is generally not is. We are in 2010 and these things must be in there more, yellow, black, white, red … but joking, we are all equal. There will be a great frame of the public but we knew this, considering how many are away . We hope to give him another magical evening. “

From Marseille guarantee: “Great club on Mancini, who decides in 48 hours”

Continues to be complex and intricate the story about the future of Amantino Mancini. For the Brazilian apparently made to Marseille, but everything is currently on standby because of the interest of big clubs for the former Roma player. To confirm the situation is the president of Marseille, Jean Claude Dassier, who said today: “The debates are over, but we can say has ended up either in one direction or another. There are big clubs player, but the OM is still in pole position. But there are still 48 hours. We are confident, “he continued Dassier” but we’re not the only ones on Mancini. Now is the player who must decide. He wants to come and mosa get in and I hope it was the easiest thing, but that’s OK. ”

Soon the situation will be clarified, but it seems that the OM is still leading Amantino.

EXCLUSIVE – Agent Toivomaki: “Trust in the nose of Mourinho”

His name is Henri Toivomaki, was born in Finland in Mäntsälä February 21, 1991, and plays as a central defender with FC Lahti. Versatile defender, has played well as low side is left or right, Toivomaki is one of the best talents of Scandinavian football. Inter, which in recent years has led the process of scouting at lofty levels, has long been on the player enough to invite him to take an audition in recent days. contacted the agent of the young defender, Roberto De Fanti, to understand what is the state of the art.
De Fanti, we confirmed that the company is following Nerazzurri time his client?
“The boy had been in Milan already three or four years ago and even if there has been – because of his young age – Inter have kept him under constant observation.”
Who has vision?
“Pierluigi Casiraghi (Head of Research of the youth sector, ndr) went to Finland last summer and got to know and appreciate.”
What are the strengths of Toivomaki?
“It plays in central defense but can play any defensive role. Last year he played 14 games, while this season he has collected 24 coins that are not just for a boy in ’91. ”
In these days, is under the watchful eye of Piero Ausilio, head of youth Nerazzurri.
“Yes, that’s it: he arrived Monday and Friday will be back in Finland.”
Knows what the first impressions?
“No, I’m doing so that the boy was training with regularity and tranquility.”
“We will wait calmly the outcome of the test: Inter have priority, because at youth level is at the top, and visibility is at the highest levels.”
In addition we can say that Mourinho, in its young, is a guarantee.
“He says well, we are counting on this. The Portuguese coach is one of the few coaches know how to deal with the very young and has no fear or hesitation in the fray. ”
The successful conclusion of this deal is entirely up to Inter?
“Again, we expect a response because the player can be taken either on loan, with a right of redemption, that with an outright purchase.”
You can establish an evaluation?
“I think it’s premature.
If the audition with Inter does not have a positive outcome?
“We will try other solutions: there is more than a few European clubs interested in Henri.