Serie A, AC Milan v Inter: ticket info

MILAN – FC Internazionale would like to announce that tickets for AC Milan v Inter (7 October, kick-off 20:45) go on general sale from Monday 1 October. Inter fans will be seated in the second green tier and tickets cost €25.

Tickets will be loaded directly onto ‘siamo noi’ cards, meaning you won’t be able to buy a ticket if you are only in possession of a receipt of purchase.

On Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 October tickets will only be available to season ticket holders. From Wednesday October 3 non-season ticket holders carrying a ‘siamo noi’ card can purchase theirs.

Tickets will go on sale at all branches of the Banca Popolare di Milano, the Banca di Legnano and the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria.

Prima Serata, Ranocchia: "Inter, my priority"

APPIANO GENTILE – "The most difficult striker to mark? Milito!" Andrea Ranocchia responds to another question from fans as he appears on Inter Channel‘s Prima Serata. "It was always tough to play against ‘El Principe’ and even now in training he’s tough to mark."

Thoughts then turn to the national team. "It’s obviously disappointing when you don’t make the squad because being picked for the Azzurri and staying in the squad over time is an achievement, it means you’re one of the best players in Italy. But what hurt most was not playing here at Inter. My priority is Inter, if I keep performing well then the national side will come calling, if I deserve it."

Moving from the Azzurri to which players have been important for Andrea over his career, who he tries to play like: "Ronaldo, when I used to play up front, then Nesta when I became a defender: he’s an example both on and off the pitch."

He may be a defender but Ranocchia has an eye for goal: "Scoring a goal is an amazing feeling, and it’s something us guys at the back don’t experience very often. When it does happen though, you get a taste for it, it’s fantastic. Your team-mates come and pile on top of you and it’s fabulous. When will I score my next goal? Soon I hope."

In an hour’s time, at 21:00, catch the final part of the interview with Andrea Ranocchia on Prima Serata. Watch it in full on Inter Channel, 232 on Sky Italia.

Prima Serata, Ranocchia: Ventura and Cassano

APPIANO GENTILE – "He hasn’t played any jokes on me yet but he has on some of the others," smiles Andrea Ranocchia as he talks about Antonio Cassano on Inter Channel‘s Prima Serata. "Antonio likes a laugh and a joke, he’s got the whole dressing room smiling. He laughs, jokes around and yet he’s different class."

Meanwhile in the studio we see a slideshow of photos from Andrea’s debut for the Nerazzurri: "It was a big time for me, my first – and I hope last – big club, it meant an awful lot to me," but also from his previous clubs. "I was just a kid at Arezzo, I was there from 17 to 19. At Bari I first tasted success, while at Genoa I relaunched my career after having done my cruciates. Then I came to Inter, and it’s here that I’ve grown as a player and a person."

The defender was treated to a special message from his mentor, Giampiero Ventura, who congratulated the Nerazzurri stopper: "Although I shouldn’t congratulate him as the other day his team beat me! I’m happy he’s back after a difficult year, he’s set to have a great career. I’ve always appreciated how keen he is to talk about the game, improve, increase his knowledge and his ability. That’s why he’s having a good career. He’s now playing for the love of the game. He’s consistently improved and I’m glad he’s once again showing what he can do."

"Ventura was a key figure in my development," responds Andrea. "He gets you playing football, enjoying yourself, something which I think is essential for a footballer. Football should be fun and you shouldn’t ever fear your opponents, and this is something he’s always shown, against us too. I can only thank him."

At 20:00 the fourth and penultimate instalment of the interview with Andrea Ranocchia. See the piece in full on Inter Channel at 21:00. 

Serie A, Inter v Fiorentina: ticket info

MILAN – FC Internazionale would like to announce that, barring any decisions
taken by the public authorities, tickets for Inter v Fiorentina (30 September, kick-off 20:45) go on sale on Monday 24 September, and can purchased through the usual official channels:

– branches of Banca Popolare di Milano, Banca di Legnano, Banca Popolare di Mantova
– club shop ‘Solo Inter’
– online through
– retail circuit
– Best Union outlets (guest section with the Tessera del Tifoso – Fan Card only).

Following the decisions taken by CASMS, the Prefetto and the Questura of Milan,
the sale of tickets to residents of the Tuscany region without Fan Cards is
forbidden, as is the transfer of tickets and season tickets; online sales will
only be available to ‘siamo noi’ card holders.

We wish to remind you that ‘siamo noi’ card holders can buy their
tickets online by loading their match ticket straight onto the card, thus
avoiding the queues to collect their ticket.

All season ticket holders who have not collected their ‘siamo noi’ cards and
have already been to a league match, can no longer avail of this facility if
their card is already available from the agency where it was ordered.

The position of your ‘siamo noi’ card can easily be verified here

We would also like to remind fans that in order to obtain the free
ticket (without a seat number) reserved for children under the age of seven,
each child must have a valid identity document and be accompanied by an adult.

Prima Serata, Ranocchia: "Now for a great year"

APPIANO GENTILE – "I expect a great year." This is what Andrea Ranocchia, guest on Inter Channel‘s Prima Serata, said to host Roberto Scarpini.

"We are a new team in every area of the pitch, we definitely need a bit of time to get used to playing with one another. But I’m sure we’re going to be more consistent moving forward. I really expect a great season," added Ranocchia, who also spoke of how he’s "got bigger, because last season I was able to spend a lot of time in the gym. Not playing much last season meant I was able to work out a lot."

Andrea is ready to put last season behind him, in fact, he’s nearly done so already: "It almost seemed like in one bad season I’d managed to undo all the good work I’d put in over previous years, but I’ve started this season well and I’m enjoying my football. I hope to continue in this vein, and I’m convinced I will do."

The fans were very keen to know Andrea’s opinion on the best centre back he’s ever played alongside: "At international level, the centre-halves for the Azzurri are class. Here at Inter I’d say Matrix and Samuel. Wally is still one of the best in the world."

In an hour’s time at 19:00, catch the third instalment of what Andrea Ranocchia had to say to Prima Serata: see the interview in full at 21:00 on Inter Channel.