Stramaccioni: "Beat AC Milan and keep improving"

APPIANO GENTILE – Andrea Stramaccioni
is ready for his second derby against AC Milan as Inter coach. During his press
conference this afternoon, he looked back on his first derby against the Rossoneri, when his side came from 1-2 down to win 4-2 at the tail end of last season: "This is obviously a totally different match to that one because we have a new group of players. We started on
a path together at the beginning of the season and that’s very
different to when you take over a team midway through the season,
with things that have already happened. It’s a path we started
together on 4 July and which has brought us to Week 7 of Serie A."

The coach was reminded of his claim
made in Baku that AC Milan are favourites: "That was a joke because
your colleague said it’s normally the underdogs who win. I think
it’s hard to say who is favourite because both teams have changed a
lot since last term. I see it as one of those matches where any result is possible,
it’s impossible to predict."

His opposite number Massimiliano
Allegri, in his own press conference, had said that
Inter were more experienced and Milan would have to be smarter.
Stramaccioni retorted: "If my players are more experienced than his,
then he certainly has more experience than me, so I guess we can say we’re even. As for being smart, I think he meant that Inter have a
mix of experience and other players – some young, others less so – who
are trying to become a part of Inter’s future. Tomorrow’s match will be an important
test following our recent good performances: it’s an opportunity for us to show
how far we’ve developed our big-team mentality."

The coach was then asked to assess which
targets have already been achieved in this new Inter and which ones haven’t. "One of the positives is seeing a group that works together as one, and the best example of that was Thursday’s game
in Baku. I think the players have realised that I place a lot of
importance on what I see in training during the week. On the negative
side, we’re still looking for consistency and getting used
to playing in a certain way. Tomorrow will test us in that sense too –
after Fiorentina now we have another tough game against top-notch
opposition. It will provide us with answers and whether they are
positive or negative they won’t be definitive, but they will give us
some input as to what we should be working on."

Prima Serata: Juan Jesus on No.4 and private life

point during his interview on Prima Serata, images of Juan
‘s Nerazzurri debut appeared on the screen. "Who can forget
their debut? That was at the Olimpico against Lazio on 13 May.
Unfortunately we didn’t get the result we wanted, but you always
remember your debut as a big moment, an exciting moment. Just as I remember
the first time I sat on the bench, when Ranieri was still coach."

From Nerazzurri memories to other memories of his life away from the field and his hobbies. One after another, Juan
Jesus responded to questions sent in from curious fans: "I left
home when I was 14. I really miss my family but this is my job. My
idol when I was growing up? Lucio, for his power and strength. Why do
I wear the No.40 shirt? Because I have number 4 for Brazil and here
that number belongs to the captain… Will I wear it one day? No, the
No.4 shirt will be history when Pupi retires – impossible to wear it!"

From this team-mate to his life-mate:
"I’m married to Caroline. She’s 23 and still studying. We got
married in January this year, in Brazil. She helps me a lot, she’s
really supportive. My wife is very important to me. Do I get on with
Andrea Ranocchia, my partner in defence? He’s a friend as well. He’s
a good lad and yes, we get on really very well."

Finally, Juan revealed what he likes to
do in his free time: "I play on the Playstation, go to the
cinema and I enjoy tennis. Nadal is my favourite!"

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Waiting for Prima Serata: Juan's learning curve

APPIANO GENTILE – If you hadn’t been a
defender, what position would you have liked to play in? "Up
front," Juan Jesus replied without a moment’s hesitation. The
Brazilian was speaking on this evening’s edition of Prima Serata on
Inter Channel, which airs at 21:00.

On the subject of his position on the pitch, he also explained
that "I have no problem playing with three or four at the back:
whatever the boss chooses is fine by me."

Some of the fans who wrote in to Inter Channel said they hoped he
would become the best defender in the world. On hearing those words he
sighed and let out a smile before exclaiming, "Let’s hope so!" But
he also admitted: "To do that, first I must improve the tactical side
of my game. I’m not short in the strength department but there’s more
of a tactical element here than in Brazil, where football is played faster. I still have to get used to that. My relationship with
Thiago Silva for Brazil? I’ve learnt a lot off him, I think we can
have a big part to play in the history of the Seleção. He’s taught me things about the differences in Italian football. Playing at the Olympics has also helped me a lot. Thiago was a great
help there too and the head coach placed his faith in me. It was a
fantastic experience that really helped me to develop as a player."

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Waiting for Prima Serata: the derby and confidence

APPIANO GENTILE – "I slept on the plane, I was tired, luckily I nod off fairly easily." This is what Juan Jesus had to say on Inter Channel’s ‘Prima Serata‘ when he was asked about the late trip home after the Europa League win in Baku.

The attention then moves to the derby, "one of the world’s biggest club games, a dream fixture between two terrific sides. But we have to win! Neither team will start as favourites, you never know what can happen in football. Robinho? I hope to keep him quiet," smiled Juan Jesus.

From the city’s big game to the fans: "I’ve got a great relationship with them, I like spending time with the fans. I feel their backing, their support, it’s hugely important."

Just as his relationship with coach Andrea Stramaccioni is also very important: "He’s a young coach but he knows what he’s doing, he’s well prepared and he knows how to make you feel important and give you confidence."

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