Alvarez: "We know how to do damage"

MILAN – Step by step, the real Ricardo Alvarez is taking more and more of a
leading role on the pitch with Inter. The Argentine stated to Inter Channel: "I
feel better with each game. In the first half we did everything we could to
score and we had so many chances but kept missing. In the second half our
intensity dropped a bit and we found a goal in the ugliest way, let’s call it,
because we had tried in every possible way and we found it with a shot from
distance that went in because of a deflection off of an opponent."

Alvarez and Sneijder provided a fundamental presence on the pitch for the
fluidity and incisiveness they gave to the Nerazzurri’s attack. "Our role
is to put our team-mates in front of the opposing goal. Perhaps against teams that
defend in numbers it’s more difficult, but today we found the right openings
and we knew how to do damage. We might have also been a bit lucky, but I have
no doubts that playing like this we can win all the matches we have left from
here on out," Alvarez said in conclusion.

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